Friday, April 19, 2013

I got lycanthrope

Part I - Bitten

It was a shiny moon - a FULL moon, I traveled near Port Izumi when suddenly, out of the forest I see a werewolf.

Barely alive I dragged myself back to the town, reading the manuals, the forums knowledge, no data found.
I yelled to the gods (/g - global :)) and an answer came - ask the guards about cure.

Now I need to make a silver potions, who knows how.

What will happen on the next full moon?!

Part II - Full moon

It stroke me, I was just minding my own business  in the Nord town, dealing Alchemy when suddenly - I felt the full moon. In a stunning speed (1 turn :)), I turned into a werewolf - In the middle of a town, the shame.
I imminently understood - people started to cry, the guards looked confused, looking for the source.
Before they could understand what happened, I slipped out of the town.
One luck strikes another - A dragon player saw me! and the chase began. I run into the closest forest and dug myself under the ground (disconnected :)), after 5 min I had the courage to pick my head up and look around (login :)), nobody there - still a full moon, dug down again, until the morning heat go to me.

Part III - Old Henry's hut - SPOILER!!

After walking around and asking for a cure one wizard noted that his brother Henry knows the cure and lives between Nord & Mon Ferato.

Henry told me the ingredients are:

  • Pink cure disease  potion 
  • Powdered silver
    • Made of silver filings <== Alchemiest
    1. Tool <== Tinker <== Bucanneers Den
      1. Found him, buy the tool from him.
    2. silver filings
      • Made from silver ingot + tool
      • Silver ingot
        • Mine from the 'right' mountain <== just mine mountains until you get the ore + smelt it.
  • Vintage wine 
    • Go to the Inn of Montor East, ask Pasco for the Vintage wine.
      • Of course you need to do him a favor first: Eliminate Tegen in the prison.
      • Back to Pasco (this is one hell of a wired quest :), killing a child with no explanation) , and got the wine (finally).
  • Sample of own blood
    • White blood cells <== Greene in Shorline knows about blood
      • Ask Greene about the blood and the machine. I think he need lens to fix his microscope. I've gave him the lens, and ask for blood sample.
      • Back to Henry.
  • Spring of wolfbane
    • Grows on an island to the far NE of the hut, cold place. Henry warns that it's a difficult task, and indeed it's a VERY difficult one even for lvl-30, so bring friends.
    • The funny part is that in the middle of the underground I've become a werewolf and the quest was doomed.
    • Found the rest of the solution here... EUO - Japanese Wiki

Quite a list!

*** The End ***

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