Friday, April 19, 2013

I got lycanthrope

Part I - Bitten

It was a shiny moon - a FULL moon, I traveled near Port Izumi when suddenly, out of the forest I see a werewolf.

Barely alive I dragged myself back to the town, reading the manuals, the forums knowledge, no data found.
I yelled to the gods (/g - global :)) and an answer came - ask the guards about cure.

Now I need to make a silver potions, who knows how.

What will happen on the next full moon?!

Part II - Full moon

It stroke me, I was just minding my own business  in the Nord town, dealing Alchemy when suddenly - I felt the full moon. In a stunning speed (1 turn :)), I turned into a werewolf - In the middle of a town, the shame.
I imminently understood - people started to cry, the guards looked confused, looking for the source.
Before they could understand what happened, I slipped out of the town.
One luck strikes another - A dragon player saw me! and the chase began. I run into the closest forest and dug myself under the ground (disconnected :)), after 5 min I had the courage to pick my head up and look around (login :)), nobody there - still a full moon, dug down again, until the morning heat go to me.

Part III - Old Henry's hut - SPOILER!!

After walking around and asking for a cure one wizard noted that his brother Henry knows the cure and lives between Nord & Mon Ferato.

Henry told me the ingredients are:

  • Pink cure disease  potion 
  • Powdered silver
    • Made of silver filings <== Alchemiest
    1. Tool <== Tinker <== Bucanneers Den
      1. Found him, buy the tool from him.
    2. silver filings
      • Made from silver ingot + tool
      • Silver ingot
        • Mine from the 'right' mountain <== just mine mountains until you get the ore + smelt it.
  • Vintage wine 
    • Go to the Inn of Montor East, ask Pasco for the Vintage wine.
      • Of course you need to do him a favor first: Eliminate Tegen in the prison.
      • Back to Pasco (this is one hell of a wired quest :), killing a child with no explanation) , and got the wine (finally).
  • Sample of own blood
    • White blood cells <== Greene in Shorline knows about blood
      • Ask Greene about the blood and the machine. I think he need lens to fix his microscope. I've gave him the lens, and ask for blood sample.
      • Back to Henry.
  • Spring of wolfbane
    • Grows on an island to the far NE of the hut, cold place. Henry warns that it's a difficult task, and indeed it's a VERY difficult one even for lvl-30, so bring friends.
    • The funny part is that in the middle of the underground I've become a werewolf and the quest was doomed.
    • Found the rest of the solution here... EUO - Japanese Wiki

Quite a list!

*** The End ***

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** Found the forums... and they are useful!

Some useful forum links links I've found.

More to come... I'll update.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


After a failed attempt to graph crafting I realized, reading all the crafting manuals, that it's better to start crafting ASAP!

Why? Simply because there are some stuff that only a crater can do + It'll save you lots of gold and time finding a specific 'crafter'.

Major crafting to master (ordered by usability)


uses a quill and writes the formula on a blank scroll ==Creates==> Scrolls of: LightUnweldUncurseTown PortalIdentify ... VERY USEFUL!!


Then create potions of: heal/mana, cure, ...


Using Scissors ==> Bandages, Swamp Boots, cloth/leather Armours


Buy a 'woodcutters axe', walk to the near forest and chop ==Creates==> Logs.
Buy a 'pocket knife', use it on a log ==Creates==> Torch, Arrows, stuff for tinkering.

Read more here:

Crafting Graph

Sorry guys, it's impossible to model it to a graph, it too large and complex.
I'll try to think of a different way to achieve the job (will take time probably).

In this post (I'll update it on the go), I'll try to graph how each element changes to another element using the adventurer skills and other elements.

Crafting Graph

** Small tips

In this post I'll concentrate all the small tips I can think off:

  • The direction you enter the city determines on what side of the city you'll be.
  • It's easier to exit a LARGE city and enter from another direction to be in the other side of it.
  • Invest in inscription & Alchemy
  • Read you character's guide & recommendations (from experts) at the forum!
  • Talk to Smith the horse, at Djanno's Shack!
  • When completing a quest - try to have +x% experience buff (like omelette = +2% experience)

More to come...

Foveaux vampire quest

Spoiler alert!!

After digging the caverns east 'Old Porte', and died at least x25 times I've decided to ask for help.
A nice guy helped (Dang, can't remember his name, 10x again anyway) and told me that the entrance is through 'The Graveyard'.

Hope this helps.

First post

Hi there EUO travelers.

This blog was created to share my fun and experience using EUO MMORPG.

If you love retro RPG, love Ultima-V likes, and a comunity and don't know about EUO, well... you are lucky coming here -

Most of the posts will be about something spectacular happened to a NOB like me in EUO.
Some posts will give quests clues.
Others.. who knows.

Find my char 'DrWho' on the regular server...

See you around mighty adventurer.