Monday, May 20, 2013

QUEST SPOILER: Conrad's lost book


Talking to Conrad at Bakyre started this quest. Conrad indicated that a pirate called Redbeard stole the book. The boat sunk and if there are any survivors they must be at "Buccanrer's Den".

Buccanrer's Den

Talked to Orlando about Redbeard reveals that the ship sucked into the underworld through a giant Whirlpool. And points me to Dante. The ship 'Sunderland'. Asking about the book reveals that Redbeard stole it from the Library. Asking Orlando about the book reveals the same - stole from the library.

The Underworld

Using a raft I've managed to enter the Underworld
just to fight a Darke.
So - get invisibility stuff to bypass him! I've barely scratched him at lvl-33.

The place is crawling with Drakes, so, I belive that soloing this place is very hard!! Bring your gang or be lvl 50+ or so.

Tried again at level 39, with lots of invisibility stuff and I was able to hide myself until I got to the ship.

In the ship there is Redneck spirit - killed it and the book is mine, teleported back to safety.

*** The End ***

Sunday, May 19, 2013

QUEST SPOILER - Volcanic Glass Ingot


Another quest that needs tracking.

Bakyre, talked to the blacksmith, who lead me to Dale, who lead me to a beggar @ Nord.
The beggar wants me to kill Blacktooth, he said that Dale knows about Blacktooth, who said he went to explore the abyss. Deep in the abyss I've found blacktooth.

*** The End ***

SPOILER - Quests list

Again - this is a spoiler!!
It happens I just found this site with this nice list, I'm recording it as a mirror/backup in case it'll be lost.

Credits goes to:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

QUEST SPOILER: Lord Byron's statue.

OK, this is on is also pretty hard, so I've decided to blog it.
Again - this is a spoiler!!

A new quest is born

Talking to lord Byron ended up with an advanture - he want's a BRONZE statue in memory of his dead wife.
He suggests talking to the blacksmith at Cammerata.

After talking to the blacksmith (nice guy), he suggested to talk to the retired miners ask at Izumi about Bronze, because it's rare.

Found a miner at Izumi that told me that there is a city that creates bronze - the underground city of Kurzmord'ar.

Bound my self to Mon-Feratto and went to a new adventure - the underground city of Kurzmord'ar.

The city of Kurzmord'ar

After several killing spry in the city (BRING FRIENDS!!) I found the blacksmith (transformed to wolf 5 min before found him :)).

Seems that I need to bring him copper ore and tin.
Teleported to the city and got it back.
Now he want me to get permission from king Golwid.

Dipper in the underground at the end I've found the king (BRING FRIENDS!! :)) and he gave me the permission, no quest ?(I guess that getting so deep is the quest).

Back to the miner, and finally I have the Bronze Ingot.

Back to the blacksmith at Cammerata, and we have a statue.
Back to the castle and the lord is happy again :)

*** THE END ***

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

QUEST SPOILER: Yellow stone: Lovers reunited (Francis).

Spoiler alert!!

Quest starts at 'Port Izumi', approach Francis and 'help' him.
Asking about 'Dawn' and 'Mathew', he need your help.

Next, go to Dawn and tell here you spoke to 'Francis'.

Next, go to Mathew and tell him to approach Dawn. You will need to find a gift, so that he will give it to here.

Next, go to Francis, again :), and tell him you need a gift for Dawn.
Francis will list you possible gifts:

  1. Red gem.
    1. You can try and buy one in Nordhaven.
    • Waste of time + Math says that Dawn knows he can't afford it.
  2. A book
    1. Ask the head librarian in the Library for a library card. Then ask Math which book dawn wants. 
    • Seems that the library no longer gives cards, nobody returns the books anymore :).
  3. Try a flower
    1. Bakyre have some nice ones.
      1. Jonathan can give you a flower if you can help him to get into the university of Tanelorne. The dean Rutger won't accept him. You need to talk to the Dean.
        1. Found Rutger the dean at the University and told him about Jonathan. He will accept the boy if you do him a favour! He wishes you to find Sir Edgar, he disappeared , probably taken by the seers, their temple if not far (SE of the university).
          1. Couldn't enter the temple, BUT - to the SE there is a desolate farm, in there to the NE there is a barricaded house, you'll need to Blink (Teleport spell/potion) in and go down the leader. I suggest being around lvl-25 before entering. Found Edgar and went back to Rutger who will accept the boy now.
        2. Back to Jonathan, told him about the university and asked him about the flower.
      2. Back to Port Izumi, gave the flower to Math, and the lived happily ever after :).
  4. A bottle of wine
    1. Ask Math what kind of wine Dawn likes. 
    2. She likes Desert Merlot wine.
      1. Go to the Temple of the Seers and head south, there you'll find Elaine. She can make you this wine. 
      • Seems that Elaine is dead :).

Back to Francis, reminded him that he need me and walla, after a very long quest it's over :).

Reward: 'Yellow stone of compassion', quest item + ton of experience.

*** THE END ***