Sunday, May 12, 2013

QUEST SPOILER: Lord Byron's statue.

OK, this is on is also pretty hard, so I've decided to blog it.
Again - this is a spoiler!!

A new quest is born

Talking to lord Byron ended up with an advanture - he want's a BRONZE statue in memory of his dead wife.
He suggests talking to the blacksmith at Cammerata.

After talking to the blacksmith (nice guy), he suggested to talk to the retired miners ask at Izumi about Bronze, because it's rare.

Found a miner at Izumi that told me that there is a city that creates bronze - the underground city of Kurzmord'ar.

Bound my self to Mon-Feratto and went to a new adventure - the underground city of Kurzmord'ar.

The city of Kurzmord'ar

After several killing spry in the city (BRING FRIENDS!!) I found the blacksmith (transformed to wolf 5 min before found him :)).

Seems that I need to bring him copper ore and tin.
Teleported to the city and got it back.
Now he want me to get permission from king Golwid.

Dipper in the underground at the end I've found the king (BRING FRIENDS!! :)) and he gave me the permission, no quest ?(I guess that getting so deep is the quest).

Back to the miner, and finally I have the Bronze Ingot.

Back to the blacksmith at Cammerata, and we have a statue.
Back to the castle and the lord is happy again :)

*** THE END ***

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