Thursday, April 18, 2013


After a failed attempt to graph crafting I realized, reading all the crafting manuals, that it's better to start crafting ASAP!

Why? Simply because there are some stuff that only a crater can do + It'll save you lots of gold and time finding a specific 'crafter'.

Major crafting to master (ordered by usability)


uses a quill and writes the formula on a blank scroll ==Creates==> Scrolls of: LightUnweldUncurseTown PortalIdentify ... VERY USEFUL!!


Then create potions of: heal/mana, cure, ...


Using Scissors ==> Bandages, Swamp Boots, cloth/leather Armours


Buy a 'woodcutters axe', walk to the near forest and chop ==Creates==> Logs.
Buy a 'pocket knife', use it on a log ==Creates==> Torch, Arrows, stuff for tinkering.

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